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Cultural tourism program to visit the tourist areas in Jordan

Amman – Jerash – Dead Sea – Baths – Baths Maeen Petra – Wadi Rum – Castle Mountain – Castle Montreal – Ajloun Castle – Roman Amphitheater

Day 1: Arriving in Amman via the border crossing points – Reception – Moving to the hotel and receiving the rooms,
Tour to get to know the city of Amman with a dinner – back to the hotel.
:the second day
Breakfast – a trip to the Dead Sea with a visit to the therapeutic centers and then a swimming pool and open buffet – back to the hotel

:the third day
Breakfast – tour to Jerash tourist city and then visit Ajloun castle and enjoy the beautiful green medical views

the fourth day
Breakfast to go to Madaba and visit the mountain of Nabou al-Aari and enjoy the therapeutic sulfur baths and then return to the hotel

The fifth day
Iftar – visit the city of Irbid and Umm Qais Castle Karama area and watch Lake Tiberias and the Syrian Golan and then return to the hotel

the sixth day
Breakfast – then go to the old city of Amman and enjoy the markets and visit the Roman amphitheater and then lunch and visit the castle Castle archaeological
Day 7 and Day 8
Going to the tourist city of Aqaba – receiving the rooms, visiting the Mediterranean and the charming nature of the shopping mall is free
Day Nine
Breakfast to go to the ancient city of Petra, which is one of the wonders of the world and enjoy the nature of the picturesque desert interspersed with lunch
Day 10
Breakfast, go to Amman airport and go home