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Our Partners in Success:

Ebdaa e-Global University strives to develop and achieve more strategic partnerships that contribute to the achievement of the University’s goals to be distinguished in the field of e-learning and pioneering in the skills of self-education in a way that achieves the vision of the university that contribute effectively to building the economy and the knowledge society and delivering the message of Arab civilization to the world. , And the University has established several strategic partnerships with a number of universities and international companies in various fields.

– These partnerships aim to provide a flexible, high-quality learning model that supports education skills through a more responsive virtual environment for overall development needs.

The partnerships also aim to transfer and localize pioneering knowledge in collaboration with universities, international bodies and international faculty, with a high educational content from multiple global and local sources.

Among the most prominent partnerships established and developed by the University:

Technical Partner:

Dynamic software innovation

Media and Technical Partner:

Noor Al – Moqarat in Investment

Tourist Partner

Marshall Travel & Tourism Office

Educational Partner:

Institute of Abu Huraira Indonesia