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Our Aim

To offer a unique education for Arabic nonnative speakers using the latest international Methods and the Scientific practices.


Arabic is the most ancient language ever, with its variety of styles and the beauty of its letters.It is the language of the two divine revelations, the Holly Quran and the Sonnah.

It is the closest language to the logic grammars, as its expressions are nice, intact and easy to be expressed.

Arabs had established most of their expressions on three letters; this is due to its lightness and briefness, and its easiness of utterance.

The Briefness, which is considered the most important feature of the rhetorical speech, it has abridged too many efforts and time.

The Arabic language can be spoken same way as it is written, so it very easy to be read by the person who learned its letters and vowels.

The Arabic language does not need a foreign language, and can give away all other languages.

Its expression vowels can distinguish between the pronunciation and its meaning, and the grammatical junction between words in one sentence.

Each phoneme in the Arabic language has a certain character, a pronunciation exit, Intimation and indication, a meaning and a shadow, luminance, echo and Rhythm.The Arabic language had been featured with its big amount of synonyms which had not been found in any other Semitic languages as well as in all the world languages.

The nonnative Arabic speakers had keened to study this language, and know its vocabulary, meanings, and grammars, so the emergence of this science has assisted to activate the role of the Arabic language to face the challenges, and to understand their religion affairs, so it is the source of the Holly Quran and the Prophetic Sonnah

The aims:
1- To spread the knowledge by using a modern innovative methods.
2-To find a scientific environment that improves the innovations and the skills of the students and discover their talents .
3- To graduate an effective student in their society.
4- To contribute in the nations scientific set up, and to exchange the knowledge by using the highest Academic international Basis.
5- A strategic Partnerships, twinning, and agreements with competitive establishments and with a related local concerns.
The Values:
1- Fidelity and mastering
2- Originality and Contemporary
3- Serious commitment and responsibility.
4- Sound strategic planning.
5- Team spirit and teamwork.
6- Communication and social interaction.
7- Transparency and collaboration
Hand to hand in order to Highness the knowledge and scientific innovation