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The Start:

The university has established on 1440 Hijri / 2019.

It consists of four colleges:

1- The College of the Arabic language for non-native speakers, it aims to learn the Arabic language for non-native speakers and it helps them to learn the ancient culture of the Arabic language, and Sharia’a science to which it may interested.

2- The college of the Holly Quran and the Quran reading science: it aims to enable the Quran students to read and palatalize the Holly Quran in best way.

3- The college of the religion Basics: It aims to teach the students the Shara’a science 

With right understanding and away from excessive, and Abandonment.

4-The college of the jurisprudence and its basics: It aims to learn the student how to derive the shar’i ruling from its detailed evidences to enable the student to derive the shar’i ruling from its

correct evidences.